Air Austral Wifi Guide 2022

Air Austral strives to provide their customers with the best possible experience, and that includes offering in-flight wifi. Whether you’re catching up on work or streaming your favorite movie, Air Austral’s wifi will keep you connected during your flight.

What is Air Austral wifi

Air Austral offers in-flight WiFi on select flights! This service is available on all Boeing 777 aircraft, as well as the Airbus A330-200 on flights between Paris and Reunion. To connect, simply log onto the Air Austral website and select the “in-flight WiFi” option.

You will then be prompted to enter your seat number and credit card information. Once you are logged in, you can surf the web, check your email, and stay connected during your flight!

How can I connect to Air Austral wifi

Air Austral wifi Air Austral, an airline based in the French overseas department of Réunion, offers in-flight wifi on select flights. The airline’s website does not list which flights have wifi nor does it detail the cost or how to purchase access.

According to a forum post on FlyerTalk, a user was able to purchase wifi access on a recent Air Austral flight from Paris to Réunion for €10. The same user reports that the wifi was “fast and stable.” If you’re considering using Air Austral’s in-flight wifi, be sure to check with the airline or your travel agent to confirm which flights have wifi available and to inquire about the cost.

How do I know if my device is compatible with Air Austral wifi

Air Austral has a new wifi service that offers passengers an unlimited connection to the internet while in flight. The service, which is available on all Air Austral flights, is free for all passengers with a valid ticket. To access the service, simply connect to the Air Austral wifi network using your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Once connected, you will be able to browse the internet, check your email and stay connected with friends and family while in the air.

What is the coverage area for Air Austral wifi

Air Austral is a French airline with its headquarters at Roland Garros Airport in Saint-Denis, Réunion, France. The airline was created in 1974 by Georges Costa, and it has since become the largest airline in the French overseas department and region of Réunion. Air Austral is also a member of the SkyTeam alliance.

In-flight wifi is now available on all Air Austral flights! This service is called “Flyweb”, and it offers passengers the ability to stay connected during their flight. There are three different pricing options for Flyweb, depending on the length of the flight:

-Short flights (under 2 hours): €5 -Medium flights (2-4 hours): €8 -Long flights (over 4 hours): €10

To connect to the Flyweb service, passengers simply need to open their web browser and navigate to the Flyweb homepage.

How much does it cost to use Air Austral wifi

Air Austral is a French airline which has its headquarters in Réunion Island. The airline flies to destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Indian Ocean. Air Austral has a codeshare agreement with Air France and flybe.

The airline has two Airbus A340-300 aircraft which are equipped with wifi. Air Austral offers two types of wifi, a basic service which is free of charge, and a premium service which costs €5 for 24 hours. The basic service offers speeds of up to 1Mbps, while the premium service offers speeds of up to 12Mbps.

The free service is available to all passengers, while the premium service is only available to passengers in business class. To connect to the wifi, passengers need to connect to the “_AIRWiFi” network using their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Once connected, they will be redirected to a login page where they can enter their username and password.

How do I troubleshoot if I’m having problems connecting to Air Austral wifi

Air Austral offers inflight wifi on select flights! You can stay connected with loved ones, catch up on work, or simply relax and enjoy some in-flight entertainment. Prices for wifi start at €4.99 for 30 minutes of use.

To access the wifi, simply connect to the “Air Austral Wifi” network on your personal device. Once you’re connected, open your browser and you’ll be redirected to the login page. From here, you can purchase a wifi pass using a credit or debit card.

Once you have purchased a wifi pass, you’ll be able to use the internet for the duration of your flight! So go ahead and stream your favorite shows, browse the web, or catch up on some work. Just remember to stay seated and buckle up during takeoff and landing.


Air Austral, an airline based in the French island of Reunion, is now offering free wifi to its passengers. The airline is the first in the Indian Ocean region to offer this service, which will be available on all flights starting December 1st. This is a great perk for passengers, who will be able to stay connected during their flights.

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