Air Seychelles Wifi Guide 2022

Air Seychelles wifi is one of the best things about flying with the airline. You can stay connected with family and friends, work on your laptop, and surf the web during your flight.

What is Air Seychelles wifi

Air Seychelles offers in-flight wifi on all of its flights, so you can stay connected even while you’re in the air. The service is available to all passengers with a laptop, smartphone or tablet. To connect, simply log onto the Air Seychelles website and select the ‘in-flight wifi’ option.

You will then be given a code to enter into your device, which will give you access to the internet for the duration of the flight. The service is available on all of Air Seychelles’ flights, so whether you’re flying to Mahe, Praslin or La Digue, you can stay connected. The in-flight wifi is perfect for staying in touch with family and friends, or for getting some work done while you’re on the go.

And with speeds of up to 10Mbps, you can browse the web, check your email and even stream video.

How does Air Seychelles wifi work

Air Seychelles wifi is available on all flights, and is free for all passengers. To connect, simply log on to the Air Seychelles website and enter your personal details. Once connected, you can browse the internet, check your email, and stay connected with friends and family while in the air.

How can I use Air Seychelles wifi

Air Seychelles offers wifi on all flights! You can stay connected during your entire journey, whether you’re working on a presentation, catching up on emails, or just want to stay connected with friends and family. The wifi is complimentary for all passengers and is available for purchase in advance or during your flight.

What are the benefits of Air Seychelles wifi

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing the Air Seychelles in-flight WiFi: In-flight WiFi is a great way to stay connected while traveling, and Air Seychelles offers it on select flights! Here’s what you need to know about using the service.

Air Seychelles offers in-flight WiFi on select flights, so you can stay connected while you travel. The service is available on Airbus A330 aircraft, and you can purchase a WiFi voucher before your flight. To connect to the WiFi, simply turn on your device’s WiFi and select the “Air Seychelles” network.

Once you’re connected, you can purchase a voucher for access. Vouchers are available in 1-hour, 4-hour, and 24-hour increments, and you can use them to browse the internet, check email, and more.


According to the blog post, Air Seychelles offers wifi on all of their flights! You can purchase a wifi package before your flight or during your flight. The wifi packages are valid for 24 hours.

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