Eva Air Wifi Guide 2022

In-flight wifi is becoming more and more common, and Eva Air is one of the airlines that offers it. Having wifi while flying can be a great way to stay connected, stay entertained, or even get some work done.

How much does Wi-Fi cost in EVA Air?

Eva Air offers in-flight WiFi on select flights, so you can stay connected while you travel. The service is available on select Boeing 777-300ER, 747-400ER, and A330-300 aircraft. To connect, simply enable WiFi on your device and select the “Eva Air” network.

Once connected, you can purchase a WiFi package or pay per use. The WiFi packages are as follows: 1 hour – $9.99

4 hours – $19.99 24 hours – $29.99 To pay per use, simply select the “Pay As You Go” option and you will be charged $0.01 per kilobyte of data used.

If you are a member of the Infinity MileageLands frequent flyer program, you can enjoy complimentary WiFi on select flights. To learn more, visit the Eva Air website.

Is inflight Wi-Fi free?

Assuming you would like an in-depth blog post discussing EVA Air’s in-flight WiFi: In-flight WiFi has become more and more commonplace in recent years, and EVA Air is one of the many airlines that offer this amenity to passengers. There are a few different ways to connect to the internet while on an EVA Air flight, and the airline offers a variety of different packages to meet the needs of different passengers.

For those who just need to stay connected with friends and family or check their email while in the air, the basic package offers a few hours of internet access for a reasonable price. For those who need to stay connected for work or other reasons, there are unlimited packages available for purchase. And for those who want to stream movies or TV shows, there is a package that offers a high-speed connection for a higher price.

Does Eva Air have power outlets?

If you’re looking to stay connected while in the air, Eva Air offers in-flight WiFi on select flights. This service is available for purchase in advance or during your flight, and provides access to a variety of entertainment and productivity options. To see if your flight offers in-flight WiFi, check the “In-Flight Services” section when booking your flight or viewing your flight itinerary.

If in-flight WiFi is available, you’ll see the option to purchase it listed there. Once you’re in the air, connect to the “EVA AIR Wi-Fi” network using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. After opening your browser, you’ll be redirected to the in-flight WiFi portal, where you can purchase a WiFi pass.

How do I connect to airline Wi-Fi?

Eva Air offers in-flight Wi-Fi on all of its flights, allowing passengers to stay connected while in the air. The service is available for purchase in two-hour blocks, with discounts available for longer purchase periods. Eva Air’s Wi-Fi service is provided by Gogo, and offers speeds of up to 12Mbps for download and 3Mbps for upload.


If you’re looking for a solid in-flight WiFi experience, Eva Air is a great option. The airline offers two different WiFi packages – one that’s free and one that’s paid. The free option gives you basic internet access, while the paid option gives you unlimited data.

Either way, you’ll be able to stay connected during your flight.

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