Does Sunwest Aviation Have Wifi & Internet?

Sunwest Aviation offers wifi and internet services on select flights. To access the service, connect to the “sunwestav” network and enter your account information. The service is available for purchase prior to flight or during flight, and offers a variety of package options to suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking to stay connected for work or entertainment, Sunwest Aviation has you covered.

If you’re looking for a top-notch flying experience, look no further than Sunwest Aviation. In addition to providing incredible views of the California coast, this airline is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Internet service. That means you can stay connected while you’re up in the air!

What is Sunwest Aviation Wifi & Internet

Sunwest Aviation is a Canadian aviation company that provides chartered flights and air ambulance services. The company also offers WiFi and Internet services on its planes and at its airports. Sunwest Aviation’s WiFi service is provided by Gogo, a leading provider of in-flight Internet and entertainment.

Passengers can connect to the Internet using their personal devices, such as laptops, smartphones or tablets. The service is available on all Sunwest Aviation flights within Canada. The company’s Internet service is also provided by Gogo.

passengers can use their personal devices to access the Internet while in flight. The service is available on all Sunwest Aviation flights within Canada.

How Does Sunwest Aviation Wifi & Internet Work

Sunwest Aviation is proud to offer our passengers the opportunity to stay connected while in flight with our Gogo Inflight Internet service. For just $7.95, you can have access to the internet for the entirety of your flight! Just connect to the “Gogo” network once you’ve reached 10,000 feet and you’ll be online in no time.

What can I do with Sunwest Aviation wifi & Internet? With Gogo Inflight Internet, you can do all of the things you love to do online – check email, post on social media, stream your favorite TV show or movie, shop, bank and so much more! You can even download the Gogo Entertainment app before take-off for free movies and TV shows that you can watch offline during your flight.

How fast is Sunwest Aviation wifi & Internet? Our Gogo Inflight Internet service provides speeds of up to 3Mbps – perfect for streaming video or downloading large files. And because we use a satellite-based connection, there are no dead spots like there can be with ground-based systems.

What are the Benefits of Using Sunwest Aviation Wifi & Internet

There are plenty of reasons to use Sunwest Aviation Wifi & Internet while flying. In-flight wifi allows you to stay connected with loved ones, work on the go, and keep entertained during long flights. Here are some of the top benefits of using Sunwest Aviation Wifi & Internet:

1. Stay Connected With Loved Ones In-flight wifi lets you stay in touch with your friends and family while you travel. Whether you need to stay in touch for work or just want to chat with your loved ones, inflight wifi makes it possible.

You can even video chat with people back home using apps like Skype or FaceTime. 2. Work On The Go If you need to get some work done while traveling, inflight wifi makes it possible.

With an internet connection, you can access your email, work on documents, and more. This is perfect for business travelers who need to stay productive on the go.

How Do I Connect to Sunwest Aviation Wifi & Internet

Sunwest Aviation offers in-flight wifi and internet on all of their flights! To connect, simply open up your device’s wifi settings and search for the “Sunwest Aviation” network. Once you’re connected, you can open up your browser and start surfing the web!

Is There a Charge for Using Sunwest Aviation Wifi & Internet

There is no charge for using Sunwest Aviation Wifi & Internet. However, there is a daily limit of 1GB per day. If you exceed this limit, you will be charged $10 per additional GB.


Sunwest Aviation, a regional airline based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is now offering complimentary WiFi and Internet on all of its flights. The service is available to all passengers with a laptop or smartphone. Sunwest is the first Canadian airline to offer this service and it hopes that it will help to make flying more enjoyable for its customers.

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